Carburetor Services

From complete disassembly, sonic cleaning, to repair and replacement parts, Kyusha House will ensure your Mikuni sidedrafts will perform as intended from the factory

Tuning Services

We offer a thorough mechanical check up, proper jetting, ignition tuning, fuel and spark check, and a comprehensive look over to make your motor performs at its peak power


Aftermarket suspension parts have many advantages including wider adjustment range, rigidity and predictable handling. We offer installation and advice on wide range of parts.


If your vehicle has sat for a long time, or has seen better days in general, we can help you restore it to its former glory and start its journey to being road worthy

Parts Import

Kyusha House offers special part importing services from Japan and other outside of continental areas. Please contact us to inquire what you’re looking for

Custom Work

Custom fabrication and creative solutions are our specialty. Whether it’s replacing that hard to find hardware or adapting new velocity stacks, we can help